Same old same old

ZDNet is running an article titled “IBM overhauls iSeries for the long haul” where it’s discussing how IBM has revamped the iSeries (AS/400 … i5 … name du’jure) for the modern age.

I dunno … I still don’t see a ad’s on the TV touting the iSeries. I think there were some implied iSeries ad’s a few years ago … where the exec was all in tizzy because their server room was empty … except for a single black box (looked like an iSeries) … and a lone tech was walking out the door and said “We consolidated all the servers on the one box” (which is kind-a / sort-a what LPAR allows you to do) … but iSeries was never mentioned … just eServer.

Of course the biggest problem that iSeries faces these days is summed up by this final quote in the article:

You can run a Web server on an iSeries,” Eunice said, “but try to find yourself a Web programmer who has experience in that, or find yourself someone who’s an expert in Microsoft Exchange and also AS/400? Good luck.

Which is, unforunately, quite true.

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