Hawaii Vacation — Day 3

Didn’t write anything yesterday, we were kind of running around a lot.

We arrived on Saturday without a problem. As mentioned before, the flight was pretty bumpy the landing was quite rough, but everyone walked away from it.

Took a long time to get our luggage, but everything arrived safe and sound.

There was a long line at the car rental place, so Ginny walked over to the Budget counter and asked if they had anything available. Turns out they did, and we got a better rate than our original reservation. We even got upgraded to a full size car. Car turned out to be a Chevy Impala which is kind of a boat.

Once squared away on with the car, we drove over to the condo and checked in.

The condos are quite nice. Steve’s even has a cable modem! He’s going to sign up for a week of service later. His wireless signal doesn’t reach into our condo, unfortunately.

We had a quick bite to eat at Maui Taco and ate at Kamaole Beach 2, then walked along the beach and took a few pictures.

We stayed and watched the sunset and then went back t the condo and crashed.

The next day, we woke up REALLY early (3am) to drive up to the crater of Haleakala to see the sunrise. Oh my god was it cold!

I mean really cold Chicago cold. I brought my jacket that’s fairly windproof, but it wasn’t up to the task. I should have brought the shell too.

Got a bunch of nice pictures and then took a leisurely drive down. We stopped at Kula Lodge for breakfast. I had a taste for macadamia nut pancakes, which they had, so I ordered (so did Steve & Ginny). Really yummy.

As we were still screwed up on the time zone, we came back to the condo and took a ‘nap’. After the nap, we for a walk on the boardwalk in Wilea. As we parked relatively near the hotel we’re staying at for the last two days, we put in a reservation for the Luau on that Friday. We walked along the boardwalk a bit and stopped for lunch at one of the hotels. After lunch, we headed back to the car.

We then went to Costco and Safeway to pick up some staples and stuff for a very light dinner (poke, lomi lomi, and some salad).

We took a walk down to the beach after dinner and watched the sunset again.

It’s now Monday, and we got back from a (fairly) early morning snorkel. Steve had wanted to go out earlier, but it didn’t quite happen that way.

We had a few problems getting ourselves in gear, but finally did. Went down to Kamaole park 3 (near the condo we stayed at 4 years ago) and went into the water. The surf was quite rough, so it was a challenge. Finally got in and started paddling around. I didn’t see many fish, but I think I saw a turtle and I DID hear some whales.

Came back to the condo to clean up and wake up.

It’s now about 10:45 and Steve’s here, relaxing on the recliner. We’re going to figure out what we want to do the rest of the day.

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