Hawaii Vacation — Day 8

We went snorkeling at Olowalu today. It’s a nice area with a lot of coral heads and deep trenches between the heads.

We started out at a reasonable time, but because of a series of errors, we ended up getting a pretty late start.

We got out to the snorkeling spot and found a good place to get in. Then Steve realized he had forgotten the boots to his fins. Since he had done some of snorkeling already, he was just going to take a pass and relax on the beach.

Then Ginny realized that a piece had broken off of her mask. We kind of figured the day was blown at that point and were going to head back home (and probably buy Ginny a new mask). Then I took a look at her mask and realized I had seen the missing piece in the bathroom at the condo.

Steve and I decided to drive back to the condo so he could get his boots and I could find the mask piece.

It took a little longer than we had expected, but we finally got back with boots and fixed mask in hand.

The water was fairly clear and calm. We snorkeled for about an hour and a half. Steve and I tried to help a guy figure out how to use his snorkel (he had the snorkel attached to the loose end of his mask strap. The mask was far too big for his face.)

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