Hawaii Vacation — Day 14

We decided that today was going to be a relaxing day. We have reservations for the Marriott’s Luau that night, and Steve ended up helping a customer very early in the morning, so Ginny and I were on our own.

We walked up and down the Wailea boardwalk, which is quite nice people and whale watching. Then we headed down to the pool area for lunch and to relax for a while. Lunch was good, but the pool water was quite cold, so I didn’t do much swimming.

After the pool we lazed around a bit I took the laptop down to the hotel’s high speed internet room (free if you purchased the resort pass) to try and upload some pictures. The up channel was pretty slow, so I didn’t get that much transferred.

Four thirty rolled around and we went down for the Luau. I wasn’t as impressed with this Luau as I have been with others. Didn’t seem even close to authentic (IMHO, of course). The performance was, however, upstaged in a major way when a pair of whales came in close. It was a mother and her child and the child was playing around a lot. Breaching, splashing, etc. That kind of stole the show for a while. I tried to get some pictures, but the flash card is still in my camera, so I don’t know how they came out yet.

After the Luau, Ginny and I went out to the car to get our toy bag so we can get it packed.

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