Hawaii Vacation — We're Home

We arrived home today … had the redye from LAX to ORD. I hate red-eye flights. Even though I took a melatonin, I was unable to really sleep. Got a few naps, but nothing substantial.

Flight was uneventful and our luggage arrived in record time. The ground crew was probably making up for taking so much time in Maui.

I ordered our taxi and we went outside to wait for it … it was cold … yes, Chicago cold.

Home was just as we left it … all in good order. I turned up the heat and the hot water heater (not going to forget to do that again I think).

I tried to stay awake as long as possible … although I didn’t succeed. I stayed up to about 1pm, watching TV, then had to crawl into bed for a while. Back up at 4pm for more TV.

For some reason both Ginny and I are suffering from sore throats. I wonder if our brief layover in LA caused it. We are both pretty sensitive to bad air conditions. Actually, my throat was starting to feel dry the day before yesterday. Possibly ‘anticipatory Maui withdrawal’? Might have to do some medical research on that.

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