It's all HER fault!

The reality is the web site is full of misinformation, including the people who are actually running it, and when you get to the point when you start to strip away the people that are in front of Groklaw I think you’ll find that Pamela Jones is not who she says she is, and the key to finding out who is behind Groklaw is to understand who is Pamela Jones

SCO blames Groklaw for IP licensing disappointment – Computer Business Review

This was from conference call when it announced a net loss of $3m on revenue down 22% from $11.4m to $8.9m.

Basically McBride is saying: It’s all HER fault!

And, in a chat with my friend Jim said …

mcbride is a raving mad lunatic who should be <censored>. pj is not a sinister person and groklaw is not some evil plot … i really wish there was some way i could take action. sco is so close you would think there is something i could do about them. mcbride’s “digging to the bottom of this (pj identity)” is unethical, immoral, … makes me mad. it turns the issue away from “is the info on groklaw accurate” to “is pj satan”

To be honest … I’m getting tired of this who SCO vs. Linux thing … I really wish the judge’s involved would just say “Ok, put your cards on the table” and get everything out so we can see the truth.

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  1. Whew! It’s nothing to do with me. That’s a relief.

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