I'm famous now

Well, I’m famous now … this blog was mentioned prominently in the May edition of eServer Magazine: iSeries Edition ENGPGM column (written by Ryan Rhodes) titled “iBlog — iSeries bloggers are popping up around the internet”.

This blog, Mike Wills, and Colin Williams‘ blogs were mentioned. My IMHO blog was mentioned too.

I wonder if it will increase the traffic?


    • Rita-Lyn Sanders on 26 May 2005 at 9:25 am
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    Hi David,
    I’d like to interview you for an iSeries NEWS article I’m working on about iSeries bloggers. I see you were in an article of the same nature by eServer Magazine. It’s coincidental that I’m writing this. Didn’t know they had done one until I visited your blog and saw the posting. Please contact me if I can interview you. Thanks! -Rita

  1. I went over 200 hits in one day on my site for the first time yesterday, but I dont know how much thats had to do with it, Ill see if the traffic keeps going up!

  2. I haven’t noticed any as of yet… I have one more subscriber on my RSS feed but other than that…

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