Katie the Wonderdog

We had our friend Jill’s dog, Katie, stay with us this weekend … Jill went out of town and we volunteered to take care of her.

Katie was, of course, quite well behaved and fun to have around. She even put up with Ginny and I taking a lot of photos of her.

This picture was taken of her on our dark brown leather couch … she really loved the red pillows. Using my external flash I was able to bounce the light nicely off the ceiling to get the rich, warm, tones I was looking for.

Have I mentioned that Ginny and I are contemplating finding a new four legged friend … perhaps of the canine variety? We need a fence around the back yard first, however.

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    • Jill on 08 Aug 2005 at 12:54 pm
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    She could NOT be more cute!

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