Downtown Chicago

As previously posted, I had jury duty today … luckily the court I had to go to was at the Daley Center in downtown Chicago. Easy to get to by train and less than a miles walk.

One of the best things about going downtown is people watching … and at the Daley Center, there is plenty of opportunity.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what I saw …

  • A cute couple … he was 7ft tall at least, she was about 4ft tall … I could tell they were a couple because they were BOTH wearing purple shirts, black pants, and 70’s style sunglasses.
  • A Chicago cop on a segway. Way cool to watch.
  • A group putting on an East Indian cultural demonstration. It was pretty nice … after the speeches were over, there was some dancing demonstrations. One of the dancing groups was quite good and enjoyable to watch. The other, which was comprised mostly of older women, took about 10 minutes just to figure out what they were doing.
  • A woman on a cell phone who held an extended conversation … and seemed to run through all the possible emotions known to man. At one point she was bawling her eyes out, the next she was shouting angrily into the phone, after which she was laughing her head off. I wonder if she had MPD?

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