We’re still getting used to the timezone. Woke up very early (at least I did).

Asked about the internet access at the front desk … was told it’s still not working. Oh well, I kinda like this ‘not working’.

Snorkeled on the beach park down the way from the Condo. Not great, but not terrible. Got some pictures, but nothing that knocked my socks off. Still getting used to the camera The shutter release has a delay and I really can’t use the viewfinder at all. The display works, but it’s hard to see underwater.

On the drive back, we stopped at MacGreggor point to see if there were whales to see. Saw some big whales AND a Coast Guard air/sea rescue practice. They had a big plane dropping markers near some flares in the water. Very exciting.

Dinner at Maui Fish & Game / Maui Brewing Company. “Beach blond Pale Ale was good.

More fun with the car: To add insult to injury, we found on the headlights on the car were poorly aimed. Mostly down and to the left. Strike three. We are definitely going to get the car swapped.

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