Ladies & Gentlemen … It is my great pleasure to introduce to you … Mr. Riley Gibbs.

Riley is a brown tabby domestic short hair cat … about 5 years old.

He was adopted from PACT Humane Society at the Petsmart near Woodfield.

He is currently exploring his new domicile and figuring out where everything is.

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  1. props for adopting Riley!!

    we just took in a dog from the . check him out at

  2. He certianly thinks he’s a tiger … ‘cept, of course, when he wants to be scritched.

  3. You adopted a tiger? Seriously, that cat is HUGE.

  4. It’s a hell of a note – last night when we got home, there were TWO messages for Riley on the voicemail, and only one for either of us humans.

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