Too Much Security

Well it’s finally happened … the folks at ING Direct have completely lost touch with reality.

They recently implemented a new security technique that makes it incredibly cumbersome and difficult to log in to their online account management system.

Not only do you have to enter your account number … and a randomly selected challenge question … but now you have to enter your PIN number as randomly selected characters that correspond to the digits of your PIN.

Don’t get me wrong … I’m all for online security … but this is taking it way too far.

I think ING Direct is just trying to push their customers away by making it increasingly difficult to access their online system. First they took away the ability for us to download account transactions directly into Quicken. Now this?

I think it’s time to find another online bank that offers good rates, but has more rational and realistic security policies.

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One thought on “Too Much Security

  1. Joe Dudsky

    I’m an ING customer. Look at the PIN Pad. You click on the numbers just like at the ATM. The keying of letters is just for those people who don’t have a normal mouse, ie. WebTV. Banking at sites with out this feature puts you at the mercy of keyloggers. ING is just staying one step ahead of the bad guys.


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