Here Kitty kitty kitty

Ok, so this picture isn’t all that good (it came from my phone) … but you might be able to detect a small bundle of fur in Ginny’s arms. No, we didn’t get a cat … yet.

Ginny has been in a serious funk when it comes to furry four legged friends lately. We were contemplating getting a dog, but the amount of work required for canine maintenance just doesn’t seem like something we are willing to deal with.

So, after some discussions the last few days, we’ve decided to get another cat. We’ll probably adopt from PACT Humane Society in the next week or so.

One thought on “Here Kitty kitty kitty

  1. Dennis

    Oh sure, it starts with one. but then you start getting more and more….

    Seriously, if you want a cat and don’t think you’ll be around alot you might want to think of getting two. They keep each other company.

    Also, keep in mind that you cannot declaw a cat from PACT (you shouldn’t do it anyway, it’s now considered horrible) so if you have any concerns or expensive rugs you might want to keep that in mind. We just trim our’s nails.


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