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More on Amazon Lightsail

As a follow-on to my first post about Amazon Lightsail, here’s some additional information that I’ve discovered…

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LetsEncrypt certbot and Lightsail

Although not directly supported, it’s quite possible to use the LetsEncrypt certbot client on Amazon Lightsail Linux. First of all … what is LetsEncrypt? Let’s Encrypt is a free service that offers basic SSL certificates any web site.  The certificates are good for 90 days but can be renewed indefinitely. With the proper software, the …

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Amazon Lightsail

Ha! I’ll be you thought this blog was dead. Well, truth be told, it was pretty close … but you never know when inspiration will strike. So a little while ago I had a hardware failure on one my servers. This incident has given me the incentive to try and move some of the servers …

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Cycling Plans

Well, it’s the last day of 2014 and I’m already planning rides for 2015. Here’s a rundown of the rides I’m planning on doing next year … North Shore Century Tour de Cure Arlington 500 Harmon 100 Bike The Drive Udder Century Apple Cider Century A bit ambitious?  Maybe. My goal is to ride 2500 …

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Mailbait Threats

Back in October of 2012 I devised a way of blocking abuse of my mailing list server by detecting mailbait abusers (mailbait.info offers a ‘service’ to fill your, or someone else, mailbox with unwanted mailing list subscriptions). In June of 2013 I refined the technique. Basically I detected if someone was visiting the mailing list …

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Haters gonna Hate

I really don’t understand some people … why is someone else’s success a reason to send hate mail? Recently, the Diabetes Daily blog published a piece about Deven Pearson … a Type 2 diabetic that lost 160 lbs and got his diabetes well under control. Soon after the article was posted, Deven started getting hate …

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Road Cycling in Maui

OK, first and foremost, this isn’t going to be an in-depth, expert, evaluation of road cycling on Maui … it’s just my impressions and opinions.  If you want something more, I suggest you take a look at Tom Meloy’s very nice writeup from a few years ago. On a recent vacation to Maui, I decided …

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Business / Social Connections

First, a caveat … I’m by no means an expert on social media or ‘business’ social media. I’m just going to tell you some observations I’ve made over the past few weeks. Lately I’ve been getting requests to connect, on LinkedIn, from people I’ve never met … and have no idea who they are.

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Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor

One of the things I like to do when I’m cycling, is keep track of various statistics related to my ride. This includes things like speed, cadence (how fast I’m peddling), and heart rate. To do this, I have a number of sensors that connect to my bike computer (Garmin Edge 810).  The sensors communicate …

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North Shore Century 2013

I rode another metric century! Steve and I did the 62 mile route in the Evanston Bike’s North Shore Century. It was a fun ride and well run … although there were a few gripes (that I won’t go into).  There are a few take aways for me in relation to the Tour de Cure.

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