Check for Zoom update in Ubuntu

At work we use Zoom extensively for meetings. We also use Ubuntu Linux on our laptops.

Unfortunately, Zoom doesn’t have a very good update mechanism for its client in Linux.

Because of this, I created a script that would check for a new version of the Zoom client and, when there is, download it and notify me.

#!/bin/sh ZOOM_DEB=zoom_amd64.deb ZOOM_URL="$ZOOM_DEB" cd $HOME/Downloads # If zoom deb doesn't exist, create a new one with a really # old timestamp if [ ! -e $ZOOM_DEB ];then touch --date='Jan 1 1900' $ZOOM_DEB fi # Find out the last modified date LAST_MOD=$(date --date="$(curl --location --head $ZOOM_URL 2>&1 | grep '^Last-Modified:'|sed -E 's/^Last-Modified:\s+(.*)/\1/gm;t;d')") # if the current file is older than downloadable one, get the new one if [ $(date --date="$LAST_MOD" +%s) -gt $(date --reference=$ZOOM_DEB +%s) ];then rm -f $ZOOM_DEB curl --output $ZOOM_DEB --silent --show-error --location $ZOOM_URL # make sure the downloaded file has the right timestamp touch --date="$LAST_MOD" $ZOOM_DEB # send a notification to the user with a long timeout /usr/bin/notify-send --expire-time=172800000 "$ZOOM_DEB updated on $LAST_MOD" fi
Code language: PHP (php)

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