What’s to say about me?

I’m a computer geek … but a nice one.

I enjoy computers (obviously), photography, biking, hiking, TV, reading, travel, sailing (which I haven’t been able to do in quite some time), and (when I can get my butt in gear) working out.

I earn a living as a Senior Software Engineer for O’Reilly Auto Parts in the Retail Systems group. Previously, I was a Principal Software Engineer working on the Implementer change control system. I work on both Java and RPG code. I am competent in IBM i, Windows, and Linux/Unix, RPG, Java, shell script, HTML, a smattering of PHP, JavaScript, etc. I am a flag waving advocate for the IBM i (much to the annoyance of some of the people I work with … especially those who don’t know the IBM i).

I also run “midrange.com” … a well respected online technical resource for IBM i (System i / iSeries / AS400) professionals.  A few articles have been written about my efforts with midrange.com … you can find them at System i Network and IBM Systems magazine.  At the spring 2008 conference, in Nashville, I was honored by COMMON’s highest awards … the Distinguished Service Award.  In the fall of 2011 I was named an IBM Power Systems Champion.

In spring of 2009 I started speaking at the COMMON conference.  My sessions are “Introduction to RDi/WDSC Plug-in Development” and “Email Security Techniques”.  I’ve been trying to put together a few more sessions … but it’s slow going.

Politically I tend to be a Democrat, although I have no ‘official’ party affiliation. I am, without a doubt, very liberal.

Religiously I am a orthodox, evangelical, charismatic, agnostic (translation: I don’t know if god exists, however I have no use for organized religion). One of the fastest ways to get on my bad side is to try and convince me that one religion or the other is better and how I should find ‘salvation’ in one particular flavor.  I get very annoyed at people who take the bible literally and try to deny or dismiss evolution.  Come on people, the science is there.  Open your eyes.  FWIW: I was raised Jewish.

I am married to the lovely, talented, smart, funny, and very redheaded Ginny.

I am an avid cyclists … after having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2010 I changed my diet and started exercising by riding my bike.  Currently my goal is to ride at least 50 miles per week (weather permitting, of course). From late spring to early fall I often achieve 100 miles per week.

Combining cycling and diabetes, I am deeply involved with the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure fundraising ride.  I am captain of Team RED Chicago and on the Team RED / Red Rider volunteer committee.

In addition to midrange.com, I also run a few other websites: Ginny’s blog, her churches website, etc.

For what it’s worth, I’ve got a Linked profile.  I can be also be found on Facebook