February 2006 archive

Washing Lip Balm

I just washed a pair of pants with some lip balm in the pocket … the washing didn’t cause any problems, but drying caused the lip balm to melt … and stain just about everything that was light in color in the load. I’m not sure how I’m going to get the stuff out … …

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Chicken & Egg

I have come to a realization … in the morning, it’s much easier (and safer) to drink your coffee with your eyes open … however, coffee is a great aid in getting your eyes open. So how do you accomplish one without first doing the other? It’s a chicken & egg thing, I suspect. Who …

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We’re still getting used to the timezone. Woke up very early (at least I did). Asked about the internet access at the front desk … was told it’s still not working. Oh well, I kinda like this ‘not working’. Snorkeled on the beach park down the way from the Condo. Not great, but not terrible. …

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Wait Wait Podcast

One of my favorite radio shows, Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me now has a podcast. It’s available here. Of course, it doesn’t stack up to attending a taping live. NPR has been creating a lot of podcasts recently … they can be found here. [tags]NPR[/tags]

Just another day

Got the Maui News at the front desk … asked about internet access. Was told it was still not working. Darn, I’ll have to download my mail via my phone. Oh well. I can cope. I hope Ginny can too. Drove around the island a bit … saw a blow hole and surf. Nothing to …

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We have arrived. Another trip to Maui. Picked up luggage with no problems. Got car with lots of problems. When checking in, we inquired about upgrading to a SUV with 4wd … we’re planning on driving out to Hana later in the trip and taking the back road for the return. Driving with more ground …

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Famous again!

The folks at

Patch the server

A co-worker (Jon) sent out a email notification indicating that one of our internal server applications would have to be restarted in order to implement a modification … or “Patch”. Being the smart-ass that I am … I replied … Me: Man, you have got to get those servers to kick the nicotine habit … …

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What's wrong …

… with this google ad? Note: I’m not blaming Google for this in the slightest.