Seasons and Return of the King

Went to see Return of the King today … I have just one word to say about that … WOW.

Yes, it was long … I knew that beforehand … but in some ways it wasn’t long enough. I understand they had to cut almost an hour of footage to get it to the 3 1/2 hours they released. I can’t wait for the extended version DVD to come out.

It was a very fitting end to a wonderful story.

Obviously Ginny liked it too. 🙂

Now maybe I’ll actually read the book 🙂

The only annoying thing about the movie was the fact that some people sitting near us talked insesently. It didn’t bother me directly, but they were closer to Ginny … and she had to shush them a few times.

Prior to the movie we went to Seasons of Long Grove for their Dickensian Dinner.

That was fun … the food was good and the singers were wonderful. Although now I have “O Come, All Ye Faithful” running through my head. Oh well, as mind viruses go, I’ve had worse.