Email from an ‘IBM Business Consultant’

I received a rather interesting email from an IBM Business Consultant the other day.

Elizabeth said …

I wanted to touch base with someone in your organization who is responsible for your technology purchases for your end user needs (i.e. xSeries, Intel servers, Rational software, services etc.) I’m newly assigned to your account for your end user purposes, hoping to better explain my role and the value I can add to your account.

Now, the interesting thing about this is … I don’t have an IBM account … and I am certianly not an IBM partner (not in the official sense, anyway) … and I also do not use any of the systems or services mentioned (not from IBM at least). So I’m not sure where she would have gotten my contact information.

The even more interesting bit of information is this: Her title is “IBM Business Consultant, Metro New York/New Jersey”.

Now why would a business consulting in the NY/NJ area, be contacting me? I’m in the Chicago area. If you do a whois lookup on, you will find that the zone contact listed is … and they are in New York.

Could it be that some IBM’ers are farming the whois database’s for email addresses?

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