Renaissance Faire and accents

Today we went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire up near the Illinois / Wisconsin boarder.

It was a nice day … not too hot, not muggy at all, and there was a reasonable breeze.

It was warm enough, however, for me to forgo the normal ‘garb’ that I wear to the ren faire. Ginny brought, and wore, hers though.

As usual, there was the usual characters … some of who we’ve seen before. A few that we haven’t.

One such character was this gentleman who had taken up residence in a portable privy … who Ginny decided to torment a bit.

Ginny decided to upgrade her garb a bit … and bought a new ‘chemise’ and skirt … the chemise is a burnt orange color … and really brings out the color of her hair. Quite pretty.

After the faire we went over to Earle & Sandy’s boat … it’s in a harbor about 5 miles away from the faire, so it was an easy drive. At first we thought they were gone … but Steve noticed the boat was mostly open. So they had to be around someplace.

After leaving my business card in the cabin (so they would know we were there), we started to go over to the local eatery. On the way, we ran into some of Earle & Sandy’s slip-neighbors … and were told that they had been at the beach, and were on the way back.

In the resteraunt, Ginny started to order a beer … but decided not to when she found out she couldn’t take it out of the bar unless she put it in a plastic cup. Meanwhile, Steve had gone to the bathroom … and saw Sandy … so he started following her.

Earle and Sandy from our Hawaii trip in 2001Sandy noticed that someone was walking behind her … but didn’t realize it was Steve. Steve moved closer … and of course that kind of freaked Sandy out (which is a perfectly normal reaction). After a little bit, she realized it was Steve. (ok, this did not come out as funny as I thought it would)

We decided to go to dinner with Earle, Sandy, and Adam (thier son).

During dinner, Sandy called her dad … who was puppy sitting for Flash (their dog) … it’s quite funny to listen to her when she talks to her dad. She came over to the states when she was 12 years old … and when you talk to her, you would never think that she lived anywhere other than the north suburbs of Chicago. But when she talks to her dad (especially whe she is getting a bit frustrated), her ‘North England’ accent starts to really show. As soon as she stops talking to her dad … she’s north suburbs girl again.

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  2. ray

    I found your blog while searching for Renaissance related blogs. Not many of us out there at this point.

    I have a site/blog. It has Faire dates and some costume info on it.

    Take a look if you get the time.



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