Internet enabled thermostat

EnGadget has a piece on a cool Internet enabled thermostat.

I gotta say … this item is something I would really like to have. I even think I could drop the wire down the wall from our thermostat pretty easily.

I wonder how long it will be until you have to use a class B subnet for your house?

Hmmm … what other ‘internet’ enabled devices are available for home automation?

Update 11/29/04 – I heard back from the company manufacturing this unit … the list price is going to be $400 each. As cool as it would be (ha, I made a pun) , I think the price is far out of reach.

2 thoughts on “Internet enabled thermostat

  1. Mike Wills

    Hey, they stole my idea. Well, almost. I wanted to created a thermostat that I could control via the web but have a calendar sort of thing where I could schedule the temperature based on the day. This is still cool. I wonder how much it is.

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