Ha! They made a pun!

On the radio, I mostly listen to Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ 91.5fm).

During the transitions from one segment to another, they often make a reference to their underwriters and contributors.

A while ago I noticed that they are listing Navy Pier as one of their contributors. They are specifically using the phrase “Chicago Public Radio is supported by Navy Pier”.

This, of course, has double meaning … because Chicago Public Radio is located on Navy Pier. So, they are indeed Supported by Navy Pier as well as supported by Navy Pier.

Without Navy Pier being there … they would fall into the lake 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ha! They made a pun!

  1. ginny

    But it’s very important that all that expensive electronic equipment not end up in the lake, so I’m glad the Pier supports public radio (our contributions paid for a few odds and ends and maybe a blinky light).

    And yes, we’re both very weird sometimes. 😉


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