Seussical – The Musical!

My friend Earle was in a play recently… Susical … which is a musical based on various Dr. Seuss stories.

It was quite entertaining … and Steve & I were conscripted into doing some photos for the troupe. Last week we did a bunch of candids while they were getting made up. Yesterday, in addition to actually seeing the performance, we did the cast photo.

It came out quite well, IMHO … I had to go up on a big elevated platform so I could get a downward looking shot.

I also shot in RAW format with the camera … a good decision, as I was able to adjust the white balance after the fact so the colors look a lot better. I used the white in the cats hat as my reference.

I really enjoyed the experience … and learned a bit about taking pictures of people. I also learned a bit about having other people helping me take pictures … specifically, gotta bring some form of communication so we can talk without having to yell. The walkietalkies would have been very handy while I was up on the lift.

Another somewhat annoying thing was the light crew had to rework some of their cues … while I don’t fault them on it … they ended up changing the lighting just as I was trying to frame the shot.

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