It ain’t just winter … it’s a Blizzard!

Here’s a picture of our front yard around 5:30pm today.

Of course traffic coming home was horrendous … luckily, since it’s the Thanks giving holiday, not as many people were on the roads … at least the roads I was traveling on. None the less, it took me at least an hour to get home. Thankfully, Brian (my boss), let us go home a bit early.

Got home without any big problems … and immediately started up the snow thrower to clear the driveway off. No problems there either.

I’m a bit worried now … no problems with either the drive or the snow thrower … I think I’m due.

Update 11/25 … went out and got some pictures today before the snow all melts … check ’em out at my gallery.
Update 12/01 … This picture is the one we chose for our holiday card.

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