What is a Speedlite?

The other night, as Ginny and I were driving to dinner … she asked me what I wanted for Chanumas (the odd congomeration of Chanukkah and Christmas that we celebrate).

I told her I would like a Speedlite.

She then asked me what a Speedlite was … I explained it is an external flash unit for Canon cameras.

I explained the various features I wanted (not too many, mainly the tilting flash head).

We then went on to discuss other topics … and I commented that the street lights were wobbling due to the wind.

She didn’t think it was due to the wind … she thought the bulbs in the speed lights were going out because she didn’t see all the street lights wobbling.

It took a moment for us to realize her fauxpau … and then we both burst out laughing.

Ok, yeah, we’re easy to amuse.

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