Tis The Season To Be Obnoxious

I just got back from a quick run to the grocery store to pick up some last minute items … of course I cam back with 8 full grocery bags.

While I was at our local mega-mart (hat tip: Alton Brown) , I observed a LOT of other people doing the same thing as me. The big difference between us, however, was our demeanor.

I tried to remain calm … and largely succeeded (slight failure when I couldn’t figure out where the frozen pie crusts were, but that was very brief) … but I saw a lot of people who were hell bent on barreling through the store and heaven help anyone who got in their way.

Seemed like they had prepared for todays shopping trip by driving a taxi in downtown Chicago … cutting people off, weaving & swerving, etc.

Heck … one guy even had his cart ripped off … inside the store.

And then there was the parking lot … here I am, pushing a full cart, and people are HONKING at me to move faster. I almost got run down twice by people who were trying to get a better parking spot.

Come one people … it’s the holidays … let’s all be nice for a little while. You can return to your normal nastiness after the first of the year.

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