Back to work

Tomorrow I’m back to work again … it’s been a fairly nice week off, although I didn’t get everything done that I had wanted to.

  1. Run system shutdown test on server. This took me about 4 hours to do because there really isn’t a way to simulate a system shutdown without actually shutting down the system. Luckily the software behaved exactly the way it’s supposed to.
  2. Work on slides for server training session.
  3. Empty drawers and put paperwork in filing cabinet.
  4. Clean-up basement.
  5. Write program / script to scrub remaining email addresses from archives.
  6. Work on prototype web app for Implementer

Of course a few unplanned items came up …

  1. Major back spasm that seriously effected my mobility. I don’t know what caused it … they are usually caused by stress, but I’m on holiday right now. Maybe I’m getting stressed out about going back to work? Of course, right now, the only thing that’s giving me stress is my back pain.
  2. Tivo going wonky … see previous post.
  3. New hard drive & DVD-RW for my laptop arriving. This is where I learned that it’s not a good idea to leave the original laptop drive in the removable drive bay when you boot up the new drive. System gets kind of confused and screws up the new drive. Luckily it doesn’t effect the original drive, so I was able to re-image the new drive.

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