2 thoughts on “Lightly Nerdy?

  1. Mitch

    Really? I’m nerdier than you? I’ll admit that I’m nerdy, but I really didn’t think my older brother was less nerdy than I. I would have scored us somewhat evenly. I’m nerdier than 70% of people. I bet it’s my subscription to Scientific American that did it…

  2. Ryan

    Hey, David. This be Ryan Rhodes. I’m not sure how familiar you are with the magazine I write for (http://eservercomputing.com/), but I’m responsible for the monthly ENDPGM articles that run each month. Originally, for the April issue, I was going to write about some aspect of the tsunami recovery and how IBM and iSeries may have played a role. However, my IBM Asia contact said she probably won’t have anything for me until later in Feb., so I’m left scrambling for an alternative story idea. Someone here mentioned blogs, and I thought it might be a cool idea to write a piece about a few iSeries blogs out on the Internet. Unfortunately, I’m rusty when it comes to locating iSeries blogs, which I don’t imagine are too numerous right now. I’ve checked out your links to the right, and I’m familiar with most of them. Do you have any insight into other iSeries-specific blogs? And, would you be willing to be interviewed as an iSeries blogger, if it comes to that? Let me know what you think via my work e-mail address (rhodesr@us.ibm.com).


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