Ok, sometimes I am so dumb

Ryan told me that my blogs (both this one and IMHO) were not displaying properly when viewed with Internet Explorer. Every time they visited a page, IE wanted to download the page instead of displaying it.

I had just made some tweaks to the web server, so I figured I had screwed something up.

I searched and searched, but couldn’t figure out what I had broken.

I decided the best way to figure out the problem would be to sniff the line with an ethernet sniffer program to see what was actually being sent down the wire.

When I did, I noticed the http ‘content-type’ header was blank.

Turns out the WordPress configuration option that contains the content-type value was empty. I had neglected to run the upgrade script on the WordPress database when I finished the upgrade to version 1.5!


After I ran the upgrade script, the pages displayed fine in IE.

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