Junk Mail …

… and this time I don’t mean SPAM.

I mean real, honest to goodness, junk postal mail.

I really don’t understand where some of the companies are getting their mailing lists… because I’ve been getting an increasing amount of junk mail sent to the post office box that I use for internet business.

The funny thing about it is that the people who are getting the majority of the junk mail have no direct affiliation with any of my net presences.

A few months ago I received a BankOne credit card offer addressed to: Anne Lucas, Midrange Dot Com, P.O. Box xxxxx, Hoffman Estates, IL xxxxx-xxxx. The company & address are (sort of) legitimate … but Anne, although a participant in a number of my midrange.com mailing lists, is NOT directly affiliated.

Today I received a similar piece of junk mail addressed to Leif Svalgaard from Forbes Magazine. Once again, Leif is a participant in a number of my mailing lists, but he has no official affiliation with midrange.com.

I suspect that some mailing list company is scouring the web looking for names that figure prominently in sites, looking up the whois information for the domain, and sticking the two bits of information together.

If any companies that purchase mailing lists happen across this post, I would suggest you take a long hard look at your providers to make sure they are not selling you junk.

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