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The authorities maintain that the 42-year-old blogger, Joseph E. Duncan III of Fargo, N.D., took Dylan Groene, 9, and Dylan’s sister, Shasta, 8, from their rural Idaho home shortly before their 13-year-old brother, their mother and her boyfriend were found bludgeoned to death on May 16.

– New York Times article

What is he again? The 42-year-old North Dakota man? The 42-year-old suspected killer? No, he’s the 42-year-old blogger. The 42-year-old blogger supposedly kidnapped two children and murdered their mother and her boyfriend. The blogger bludgeoned the girl’s brother to death.

strip mining for whimsy.

(via Ryan)

This is a pretty good example of how the media paints very broad strokes on things they have an imperfect understanding of.

Another good example can be found whenever the news sources make reference to settlements in Israeli territories … they almost always refer to them as “Jewish settlements” … not “Israeli Settlements”. What makes them unique is not the fact that the residents are all jewish … but they are all Israeli.

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