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Recently a number of people have been asking me for the MRC file I use to generate the RSS feeds on the mailing list archives … so, here it is.

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This is a MHonArc rcfile, which is designed to
generate RDF output. RDF is format designed for
computer to computer communications of data, and
might be used for providing information produced
on one web site for display or links on another.
RDF contains content information -- and absolutely no
information regarding how to render that content.
I used
for reference when writing this rcfile.

This rcfile depends on a variable $X-MAILLIST$ which
must be defined in the MHonArc call (using -definevar)
Additionally, this rcfile has many hardcoded references

Jeff Breidenbach,, Aug 26, 1999, v. 1.0 specific enhancements.
David Gibbs,, v.1.1

<!-- ------------------------------------ -->
<!-- Section 0: Configuration adjustments -->
<!-- ------------------------------------ -->


<!-- How many messages do we want on the RDF index? -->

<!-- What file shall we write the RDF index to? -->

<!-- ----------------------------- -->
<!-- Section 1: Specify RDF markup -->
<!-- ----------------------------- -->

<?xml version="1.0"?><rdf:RDF



<title>$X-MAILLIST$ mailing list</title>
<description>Mailing list archive for $X-MAILLIST$ at</description>
<dc:creator> (David Gibbs)</dc:creator>
<dc:rights>Copyright (c) 1997-$LOCALDATE(%Y)$ and David Gibbs as a
compilation work</dc:rights>
<dc:publisher> (David Gibbs)</dc:publisher>







<!-- ----------------------------------------------------- -->
<!-- Section 2: Remove any HTML left from default settings -->
<!-- ----------------------------------------------------- -->





<!-- --- -->
<!-- End -->
<!-- --- -->

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