Half Blood Prince

I’m about halfway through ::amazon(“0439784549”, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”):: and I must say it’s better than the last book. Much more readable and, at least in my opinion, on par with Ms. Rowling’s previous books.

I recommend it.

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One thought on “Half Blood Prince

  1. Ken Sims

    I always wait for the paperback to come out. I’ve read a synopsis so I know how it ends, but I won’t spoil it for you or anyone else who doesn’t know.

    Anyone who likes the Harry Potter books might also like Diane Duane’s “Young Wizards” series starting with “So You Want To Be A Wizard”. It has nothing in common with the HP books except it is about wizards and focuses on kids who are wizards. It’s not an HP ripoff; the first book of Diane Duane’s series preceeds the first HP book by 14 years.


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