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Note to self …

… don’t rest foot ontop of the UPS when working on the linux servers.

This evening, while I was checking something on the console of my linux servers, I was resting my foot ontop of the UPS.

I had just started a reboot on one of the servers when, all of a sudden, the other two systems lost power.

Obviously I had a bit of a panic for a minute … then I realized that both systems were plugged into the same UPS… the UPS I had my foot resting on.

Obviously I had my foot near the UPS’s power switch … and bumped it.

See how exciting my life is? 🙂


I upgraded the blog software to WordPress 2.0.

Might be a few glitches … I’ll fix ’em as they are caught (assuming I can figure out the problem).

What are they smoking?

The federal government’s two-year-old anti-spam law is helping to cut back on unsolicited bulk e-mail, but more must be done to fight the problem. Those are the conclusions of a Federal Trade Commission report, released today, on how well the law is working.

ABC News — Spam Slayer: FTC’s CAN-SPAM Report Card

Uh yeah … right.

I think the FTC needs to take a good long hard look at the internet again and rethink their statement.

CANSPAM did absolutely nothing … because the people sending spam are totally unconcerned about the laws of the U.S.

The spam my server receives has only INCREASED in the last year.

And, as long as the internet is unregulated, the spam will only continue to increase.

Please note: I am NOT advocating regulation of the internet.

If the government wants to put some legislation in place to help combat spam … put some penalties on running open relays, open proxies, and failure to implement anti-virus & anti-worm technologies on computers.

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