I had a very odd experience today … a very strange confluence of events that kind of freaked me out.

I’ve currently got 3 monitors on my desk … one 21″ CRT, one 17″ CRT, and my laptop (MaxiVista gives me a ‘virtual’ display on my laptop). Obviously with that many displays on my desk, space can be at a premium.

I requested, and today received, a new 20″ flat panel display to replace the 21″ CRT. With the help of a co-worker, I swapped the monitors. Now I have plenty of desk space.

I asked our IT guy where I should put the monitor … and if I could use the rolly cart to move it (21″ CRT’s are not light). He told me to use the big cart in the computer, and just leave the monitor on the cart.

(Ok, enough rambling … here’s the gist of this post)

So I grabbed the cart and started pushing it out of the computer room … the moment I crossed the doorway of the computer room, the building’s fire alarm system went off.

For some reason, my first thought was that the alarm had been set off by moving the cart out of the computer room. Obviously this wasn’t the case, but it was the first thing that I thought of.

Lucikly there was no fire and the alarm was set off accidentially (not by me).

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