I’m wondering if anyone has actually gotten a satisfactory response from a major ISP after sending a report to their abuse department?

I’ve submitted a large number of abuse reports to SBC, Comcast, RoadRunner, etc … but have yet to get any satisfactory response at all. One report I submitted to SBC, via DSLReports SBC Direct forum got me some grief because they wanted me to Opt out first. My opinion, of course, was that I should never have been Opted In involuntarily in the first place.

A week or so ago I got an email from GoDaddy, my domain registrar, about a abuse report that was mistakenly reported against … and they demanded a response within 24 hours … which I gave them (it was a total misunderstanding … someone was reporting spam against someone else hosted by GoDaddy … but the email they forwarded was misconstrued to be coming from Even though I responded well within the 24 hours they specified (I responded within 24 minutes), they did not respond back to me for more than a week. I had to send 3 requests for a response to get them to reply.

I guess the two questions I would like to see answered are …

  1. Do ISP’s actually act on abuse reports?
  2. If ISP’s do act on the abuse reports, do they respond to the reporter with a resolution?

My own experience is no to both.

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