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No, I’m not saying pay attention to hyperlinks … I’m referring to the links in a watchband. 🙂

I recently purchased a new watch from … it is a Casio Men’s G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch.

The watch arrived last Friday without incident … but the watchband, which is metal and has removable links, was far too big. No big deal, all I had to do is remove some of the links to make it the right size.

Problem is, there’s no instructions on how to remove the links… and it’s not immediately obvious how you do it. Clearly you have to slide the pin down (I’ll add a picture of the link later) to get it out, but without a really tiny screwdriver, it’s impossible.

I checked the Casio website to see if I could find anything … but there is nothing but a PDF of the watches manual available.

I find their support number and give it a call … the guy I talked to indicated that they could email me the information on how to remove links. I say great … I’ll keep an eye on my inbox. He replies that it probably won’t be until Monday that the email is sent … because the person who sends email is out of the office today.

<sound of a jaw dropping>

I reply (with an appropriate level of incredulity): “What? You can’t send the email? Doesn’t your system just have the ability to send email directly?” I’m informed, that their system does not have that ability … and the only person with email access won’t be back until Monday.

Ok, I say, but I really think you guys should move into the 20th century.

After I hang up, and play with the watch a bit more, I’m able to figure out how to get the links out … and the watch is comfortably on my wrist right now.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had a situation where a technologically oriented company (as I’m assuming Casio is) wasn’t able to send email on demand. IBM, Dell, Compaq, even Yakima, have all been able to send me information immediately via email.

Update: Tuesday, 6/6/06 (auspisius date, to say the least).

Casio finally sent me the instructions … they sent a file named “RESIZING” … and informed me that I could open it with Adobe Acrobat or any Word Processing program. Of course without a file extension, it will be hard to open the file with any program.

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