Canon 30D

I bought a new camera this weekend … a Canon 30D.

As much as I really like my Digital Rebel, the frame rate has been really bothering me … especially when I’m trying to take wildlife photos. I can only get 3 frames per second … with a 4 frame buffer. This means that I can only get a little more than a seconds worth of shots before the camera has to dump it’s buffer to the flash card (which can take a long time).

The Canon 30D can do 5 frames per second with a 20-30 frame buffer (depending on the image quality). Plus, I can take pictures in raw mode and it will write two image files … a RAW file and a JPG. It’s got a great hand feel, and good controls. I really like it.

The picture above is from a photo safari Ginny and I took to the Morton Arboretum this weekend … pretty nice, eh?

Oh yeah, it also has a setting that won’t let me take pictures without a flash card inserted.

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