Camera Shops

The Chicago suburbs seems to have a distinct shortage of camera shops.

I’ve been looking for a new tripod to replace my old one (that broke).

I went to Helix in Lombard … they had a good selection, but nothing that I really liked.

Wolf Camera in Schaumburg had a someone more limited selection … including one that I really liked. It had everything I was looking for … light weight, good size when extended, and very small when collapsed. But it cost $249. Of course it was made of carbon fiber, which was why it cost so much.

bg718shb.jpgA bit of research found another camera shop in Glen Ellyn … P.J.’s Camera shop on Rosevelt Rd. They had a few tripods, including one that I liked.

It’s a Manfrotto 718SHB … it’s reasonably light, good height, and very small when collapsed. The only problem was the shop didn’t have a spare mounting bracket (for Ginny’s camera). I had to search the internet to find a place to get one.

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