Another Convert

Well, it took a long time, but I finally wore her down … I got Ginny to convert her blog from MovableType to WordPress. Not only did she convert her own blog, but her churches website too.

I’m pretty sure she got tired of having to manually manage all the comment and trackback spam she was getting. I kept singing the praises of SpamKarma 2, which reduced the amount of spam I get to next to zero.

It took a bit of work to get the blog converted … the WordPress import didn’t do a perfect job, and Ginny tried out a bunch of themes (and tweaked them as she did), but in the end it seems to be a pretty smooth transition.

Oh yeah, another potential convert in the pipeline … I setup wordpress on my own machine at work as an internal blog … and commented on the VP of R&D’s internal blog that WordPress has a much better commenting system than the Simpblog software they are currently using … he checked out my blog and agreed. They haven’t converted the internal blogs yet, but I think it’s just a mater of time.

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4 thoughts on “Another Convert

  1. ginny

    Smarty pants guy, you were the one that didn’t want to upgrade MT to a somewhat more robust version that handled spam slightly better.

    Now, how do I get that AIM widget to work? 😉

  2. david

    That’s not strictly true … I was just commenting on how poorly I thought MT was programmed … all you had to do is say “Please upgrade MT as soon as you can, here’s a link to the new version”. 🙂


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