Going home

Time to leave to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. I’m usually ready to go home at the end of a vacation, but this time it’s quite different I’m not really looking to return anytime soon.

We got our stuff loaded into the car and go to the office to check out. We get billed for the dinner and few breakfasts we had and phone usage. There was no notice of a phone charge for local calls, so both Ginny and I assumed that local calls were free. I indicated this and the owner cut the phone charge in half. If we had more time to argue, I would have worked it down to zero, but we didn’t.

Got on the road to the airport stopped to put gas in the car and headed out. Traffic going the other way was terrible, but not too bad going in our direction. Roads were as bad as always.

We arrived at the airport, parked the car, took pictures of the car (just in case there was a problem), and checked in. We then found out that, because we did not reconfirm our reservations 2 days ago, our reservations had been canceled. Um, what? Pardon me, but if I paid for a reservation, there is no way in hell they should be canceling my reservation until I don’t show up for the flight. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Luckily, the gate agent was able to rebook us on both flights.

The flight from Tortola to San Juan was uneventful got through customs & immigration without any problems, although they did inspect my camera bag.

After a few tries, was able to call a cab. Their stupid VRU system wasn’t working quite right.

There were a few messages on my cell phone voicemail … including one from Dad, telling me that my mail server was down. Two messages from local numbers that turned out to be voicemail systems … but no name on the announce message. Wrong numbers maybe?

We got home and I found the IDE Mirroring adapter on my main server had glitched … for some reason it thought one of the drives in the mirrored pair failed. I swapped the drive and resynchronized the drive, which got me up; again … but the drive that was indicated as failed tested out to be fine.

I really have to investigate this … maybe the mirroring adapter is more trouble than it’s worth?

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