Vacation Final Analysis

Obviously getting sick put a pretty big damper on the whole trip.   I couldn’t enjoy just about anything.

That said I’m pretty sure that we’ll do a Windjammer cruise again.   It had serious potential and, what things we did do, were quite fun.   I think if I had been feeling better than I was, I would have had a fantastic time.   It’s probably a trip better taken with a group of friends.

Tortola was a significant let down I think it’s probably fine for the sailing & cruising crowd, but as a destination in itself, no thanks.

Fort Recovery, on Tortola, was total disappointment over priced and lacking facilities & services.     I would not recommend them at all.   My gut feeling is that the owner runs the place to cater to her family & friends.

Next time I think we’re going to stay with a more traditional resort property or major name hotel.   We are NOT going rely on web site advertisements again.

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