Frozen Wiper Fluid

Windshield WiperThe only thing worse than running out of windshield wiper fluid on a ugly day is having your wiper fluid freeze up.

This happened yesterday, as Ginny and I were on our way back home from my folks house.

I’m a little worried, however, about a leak … as I thought the wiper fluid reservoir was full yesterday … but when we got home, it wasn’t.

I couldn’t get the tube unfrozen by poring warm water on it last night … but it worked fine when I started the car this morning (still in the garage) … but half way to work, it wouldn’t spray anymore.

A co-worker suggested some other type of fluid to try that is specially formulated to prevent freezing.   I’ll have to pick some up and try it.

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2 thoughts on “Frozen Wiper Fluid

  1. david

    FWIW: I think the reason for the freezing is poor quality wiper fluid. I stopped by Pep Boys to see what kind of fluid they have … and everything they carry has a temperature rating (-20 degrees, -30 degrees, etc) … the stuff I have has no rating. On my way home I picked up some -30 degree fluid at Sears (the ‘Splash’ brand I think) … we’ll see how much better that works.


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