Standby … who needs it?

Tivo RemoteLast November we got a new Tivo HD … and one of my gripes about the new unit was it’s lack of a standby button.

Since we pipe the audio output of the Tivo through our stereo tuner, shutting off the TV didn’t stop the sound from coming out of the stereo.   The solution was to put the Tivo into standby.   Our Series 2 Tivo had a nice little Standby button that did that right quick.   The new Tivo HD replaced the Standby button with a button to change the video aspect ratio.   Nice if you actually have a HD TV (which we don’t, yet) but not so handy if you have a standard TV.

Well, after googling around a bit I finally found a perfect solution on TivoCommunity.

Just multi-task the power button.

To do this, hold down the “Tivo” and Power buttons until the LED stays lit, then enter the same code you used when programming the remote for volume.   Now, when you push the power button on the Tivo remote, it shuts both the TV and the stereo off.

Works perfectly.

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