Nimoy supports Obama

I’ve always thought that Leonard Nimoy and I had a fair bit in common … and I can add another item to the list …

  • He was raised Jewish, but seems to have lost religion … check
  • He’s a photographer … I’m a shutter bug
  • He’s a great actor … I’m … well … ok, maybe not so much in that area
  • And now it appears that he supports Barack Obama for president!

Ginny pointed me to the latest “In Character” piece on NRP that highlights Mr. Spock. Pretty cool article … although I have to wait another hour to actually hear it.

One thought on “Nimoy supports Obama

  1. David Vasta

    I don’t get the Obama love affair. For those of us who can read, know he has never done ANYTHING important. He is associating with known racist and people who HATE other people. His wife is very angry at Rich people, but yet she is one. Obama wants to redistribute the wealth in this country and give what we make to people who don’t work. HOW IS THAT A GOOD THING. I already give them 30-40% of my income, what do they need more for? I have health care and I am responsible for me and my family, why can’t we go back to working hard, less taxes, less government and more freedom?

    If you like the last bit of the comments you need not vote for Obama….oh let me get down off the soap box.

    Lastly the people we need to listen to are not talking and the celebrities are and they are all crazy.

    DONT VOTE FOR OBAMA….Clinton and McCain aren’t much better…..So we wait for a real candidate.


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