For some reason, Tivo has been recording a lot of old SF shows recently.

A lot of these shows I’ve been fans of in the past … Star Trek: The Next Generation, Highlander, Seven Days, etc.

As I watch these shows I’m amazed at how bad they are.   I’m truly amazed that I considered these shows good at one point.   I was actually a fan of many of them.

Now I find the acting wooden, the special effects primitive, and the plots flat.

Of course some of the shows I thought were bad initially are still just as bad … like Star Trek Voyager (then why do I still watch it on occasion?).

Maybe it’s old age?   I wonder if, as time goes by, I’ll start considering some of the shows I like now to be just as bad?

5 thoughts on “Old SF TV

  1. http://jon.netdork.net/

    The initial series of RedDwarf was done on a shoestring budget, and pulled it 😉 I’m a bit of a fan, but then I’m a brit too so 😉

    I have the same feelings on the Sci-Fi stuff. I catch some of the older stuff, and wonder what I was thinking. I don’t think I ever got into Voyager though.

  2. dwasifar

    Funny you should post this, because I’ve been watching the various Star Treks recently and I was thinking exactly the same thing. Why did I think this was good? It’s not. It’s silly. We must be growing up.


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