Yahoo Abuse Feedback Loop

A few days ago I discovered that Yahoo had created a email abuse feedback loop system.

Based on my experiences with AOL’s feedback system, I really didn’t have high hopes for Yahoo’s efforts … but decided to give it a shot anyways.

I signed up to get abuse reports for messages.   It took a bit of time to get it all processed, but it’s now in place.

The next day I got my first report of abuse.

Yahoo reports abuse using the Abuse Feedback Reporting Format (ARF) specification.

One of the really good things about this format is that it includes the email address of the person reporting the abuse.   This gives me the opportunity to help the person reporting the problem resolve whatever issues they are having.

So, if they want to get unsubscribed from the lists … I can help them with that.   If they reported the abuse in error, then there’s nothing really to do.

The only thing that might make it somewhat difficult for someone to use the Feedback system is that you have to be using DomainKeys or DKIM.   As I’m using both, it’s not a big deal.

Since I’ve noticed that Yahoo has a tendency to delay delivery of messages on a intermittent basis ‘due to customer complaints’, I’m hoping this will help alleviate the complaints.

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