Geeky Workout

Since both Ginny and I are trying to get to the health club more often now … we were thinking about how being a computer geek could be leveraged into a more healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a short list of geeky actions that could be transformed into something healthy …

  • Hard Drive Hand Weights – tape 2 or 3 drives together for increased weight.
  • Ceiling tile step workout – step up, pull the wire, step down crimp the connector, step up, pull the wire, step down crimp the connector.
  • UPS battery bench press.
  • PICNIC (Problem In Chair, Not in Computer) Push Away – push away from desk every time there us a stupid user question.
  • Screw Search Squats – trying to find that little screw that you just dropped.
  • Cable Yoga – all those weird positions you have to get into to run cables to & from systems.
  • Top Rack Stretches – stretch to connect something to the 1u server at the very top if the rack.
  • Carton Crunches – lifting all those boxes of laser printer paper.
  • Parts Run – running out to the computer store to buy the part you forgot.
  • Server relay – running between all the various servers to answer messages.
  • Computer Crash Cool Down – assume the fetal position and rock back and forth after all the systems have crashed.

Any other ideas?

3 thoughts on “Geeky Workout

  1. Adam

    CRT Monitor Dead Lift – (N.B. 27″ or larger)
    From a squatting position pick up the CRT and hold it with the screen against your belly. Now ascend a flight or two of stairs and finish with an over-the-head press to store it in the top of your closet because you just got the new flat panel delivered.

  2. ginny

    Tool Grab Ab Crunch: Lie on your back to reach inaccessible section of equipment with tools nearby (under desk, behind access panel in cube). Sit up, grab a better tool. Can’t quite reach. Sit up, grab a better tool. Too big. Sit up, grab another tool.
    Repeat as necessary.


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