So Much Time, So Little To Do

OK, yeah, so I rubbed it in a little when tweeting with my friend Liza the other day.

But it’s really true … Ginny and I have few specific plans … and a lot of time.

We’ve spent a lot of time relaxing, snorkeling, relaxing, driving, relaxing, etc.

It’s currently Wednesday and a bit cloudy … we spent a bit of time out on the beach, just bobbing in the water, and I actually made a half hearted attempt at some physical exercise in the form of a run up an down the beach.

Whale Sounding 2Sunday we went on a whale watch cruise with Pacific Whale Foundation … which was OK, but not great. The boat was quite crowded and there were a fair number of little kids. Got a few good pictures, but nothing spectacular.

For some reason I was kind of tired that morning … possibly due to the fact that I misunderstood what time we had to get to the boat and ended up rushing. None the less, we went over to Oluwalu for snorkeling, but I decided to skip it. Ginny went in and had a nice time though.

Hana Highway WaterfallMonday we drove the infamous “Road to Hana” … which is a twisty, windy, rather rough, road with more than 50 one lane bridges. It’s an enjoyable ride, so long as you take it easy. Definitely not the road to try and apply Chicago driving techniques on.

We made a few stops along the way to get pictures … including this one of a waterfall … sorry, I don’t remember exactly where I took it.

Bamboo ForestOnce we got to Hana (actually past it) we went to Haleakala National Park to hike up to Waimoku Falls. It’s a 4 mile (round trip) hike to some very high falls. Not very hard, but it was pretty warm and most of the trail is uphill. One of the things I love about this hike is going through the bamboo forest. When the breeze blows, the sound is like a percussion orchestra. There weren’t a lot of people hiking, so we had the trail mostly to ourselves. Very relaxing.

As we had gotten a latish start, we ended up driving the last few miles of the road in the dark.   We headed up to Makawao for dinner at Cassanova‘s.

Puffer Fish near Kama'ole Park IITuesday we decided to try snorkeling off the beach near our condo … Kamaole Beach Park II. The water was a little murky, but not too bad. We had lunch at Moose McGillycuddy’s, which is just across the street from our condo.

For dinner, we decided to splurge and go to The Waterfront, which is one of our favorites. We had a ‘prepared at the table’ Caesar salad and I had Ono Island Style. Very delicious.

Tonight we have tickets to see the Slack key Guitar concert that we’ve come to like. We’ll probably have dinner at Mala Ocean Tavern, which was a discovery we made on one of our recent trips.

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