In Flight WiFi

OK, this is pretty cool … I’m on my way to the COMMON Conference in Orlando … and, just before the flight leaves, Ginny sends a text telling me that the blogs are down.

I use the TouchTerm app on my iPhone … but can’t figure out what is going on.

Luckily the flight I’m on has WiFi available … $9.95 for the flight.

Well, I have nothing better to do on the fight (other than read my Wired magazine, which isn’t all that interesting), so I plunk down the fee and log in.

It’s not the fastest wifi in the world … but it does seem to work OK.

I was able to fix the MySQL problem (well, I got the server restarted … not sure exactly what is going wrong) and can check email, surf the web, etc.   Seems like a number of people on the flight are using it.

For $10, it seems like a pretty good deal … especially if I need to get something fixed.   Even if I didn’t have the emergency, I think I’ll consider using it in the future … as it’s a very nice distraction (especially when it’s a long flight).

And, Yes, this post is being made about 30000 feet above Memphis 🙂

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